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Welcome to our online catalog and linesheet. We hope to make your ordering experience clear and easy. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance to you. Thank you for being a part of what we do by helping us put more love, connection, and inspiration into the world.

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Our First Order Minimum is $300.00. The Re-Order Minimum is $200.00

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Present Day Posies (coming soon)
Inspired by posey rings that date back to the 14th century. Posey, also spelled "posy" or "posie" is French for poem. Rings were engraved with little poems or short sayings that were religious, friendly, or romantic in nature. Our collection is made of both vintage and present day posies. Paired with the language of plants and flowers. Inscribed sentiments and bits of nature come together to create messages of love, friendship, and inspiration. Shop the linesheet

The Language of Flowers
Meanings have been attributed to plants and flowers for thousands of years in various cultures. Shop the linesheet

Camellia Earrings Silver Main Photo.jpeg

The crinkled petals of a newly blossoming flower draws attention to the message of spring. A flower opens into brilliant beauty after enduring the harshest conditions. Bloom! Push through the dark and the dirt! Celebrate resiliency, growth, and new life. Shop the linesheet

Bloom Earrings close up on book.jpeg

Little Flower
Folk style cherry blossoms. Their prominent centers invoke being grounded, accepting things as they are, and letting them go their own way. In the Japanese language of flowers, the cherry blossom represents an awareness and acceptance of impermanence along with the beauty of imperfection. The flower conveys gentleness and kindness. Shop the linesheet

Three Little Flowers Earrings on Wood.jpeg

A symbol of connection and togetherness, this daintily hand carved link is decorated with a continuous blossoming vine. It serves as a reminder that we flourish when we find our way to ourselves and each other.  Who would we be without our people? Who would our people be without us? Shop the linesheet

Gather Necklace with roses 2.jpeg

Folk Flower
The hand carved bohemian flower conjures up feelings of long sunny days, freedom, and surrendering to wild abandon. Our original design is inspired by crewel embroidery of the Jacobean era from the 1500 to 1600s. Shop the linesheet

Folk Flower Ring SS on wood.jpeg

Forest Vintage
An ode to the brilliance of nature. Through a whimsical menagerie of vintage inspired woodland flora and fauna images, the collection invokes the playful and adventurous spirit, and reminds us of the promises nature holds. Shop the linesheet

Forest Vintage Colllection.jpeg

Where Love Grows
A field of blooming flowers, vines, and tiny hearts. The flowering motif symbolizes growth, love, and open heartedness.
Shop the linesheet

Where Love Grows Necklace 1.jpeg

Sweet Voyage
Remembrances dedicated to love and living with intention; captivating mementos of what is at the heart of all things. Shop the linesheet

Passage Grouping 2.jpeg