Sweet Voyage Necklace, silver

Sweet Voyage Necklace, silver

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Sweet Voyage Necklace

sterling silver with rough diamond beads
also available in 14k gold, contact us for pricing


A tiny boat is forged by hand from a thick sheet of sterling silver, a sturdy base from which to build a home. The outside of the vessel has been carefully buffed and polished, softly reflecting the beauty to be seen in the world. The inside is hammered, resembling hand hewn wood, an interior space carved out and shaped to safely carry its precious cargo. Nestled securely within the vessel are three rough diamond beads. Above, two rings stand side by side encircling a sterling silver wire as it curves down, like outstretched arms, towards the lovingly prepared boat and its brilliant passengers, guiding them on their sweet voyage.


Carved in wax and cast in recycled sterling silver and 14k gold

Oval cable chain

Fastens with a lobster clasp

Comes with meaning card, polishing cloth, and pouch


Pendant is 1" wide with 3 diamond beads, wider with each additional bead

This piece is handmade-to-order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks to ship unless this piece is in stock.

Handcrafted in Washington state

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