Forget Me Not Posie Locket

Forget Me Not Posie Locket

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Forget Me Not Posey Locket

available in sterling silver and 14k gold


This locket is inscribed with the message “Pour le meins” handwritten in French, meaning “For my family”. The Forget Me Not celebrates a connection that lasts through time. It serves as a remembrance after partings or death and honors true and undying love. It is symbolic of fidelity and loyalty in our relationships despite separation or challenges we may face. Wear this locket as a remembrance. Or wear it as a talisman to remember yourself. When we are loyal to ourselves with love and care, we have more to give to those who rely on us.

Present Day Posies Collection

Inspired by posey rings that date back to the 14th century. Posey, also spelled "posy" or "posie" is French for poem. Rings were engraved with little poems or short sayings that were religious, friendly, or romantic in nature. Our collection is made of both vintage and present day posies, paired with the language of plants and flowers. Inscribed sentiments and bits of nature come together to create messages of love, friendship, and inspiration.


Carved in wax and cast in recycled Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

Oval cable chain fastens with a lobster clasp

Comes with meaning card, polishing cloth, and pouch


Locket is 1/2” x 5/8”

This piece is handmade-to-order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks to ship unless this piece is in stock.

Handcrafted in Washington state

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