Handwriting Locket with Rough Diamond Bead

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Handwriting Locket with Rough Diamond Bead

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Personaized Handwriting Locket

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Handwriting Locket with Rough Diamond Bead
sterling silver

also available in 14k gold, contact us for a quote

Create An Heirloom
Personalize your locket with almost any word of your choosing; a remembrance, a celebration, an inspirational word, an inside joke, a name, a sentiment. Create an heirloom by preserving the handwriting of one you hold dear.

Rough Diamond Bead Meaning and Symbolism
The rough diamond bead is simply a diamond in its natural form, before it is cut. I like to think of it as being in its essence- like when we are born, before we alter ourselves, and take on the facade of who we think we need to be. It is authentic and pure. 

When we love someone truly and deeply, it is the authentic part of each other that we love, that opens our hearts. True love sees and embraces our authentic selves, our pure hearts, our essence. So when I include the rough diamond bead in a piece, this is what I am conveying.

Poem Included in the Box

To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.
— Pablo Neruda

Genuinely Handmade In Our Studio
This simple and graceful swing locket is shaped by hand in wax before we cast it in our studio using the ancient art of lost wax casting. The free hanging charm slides open to reveal a message written in the handwriting of one you hold in your heart. We oxidize the locket to give it an aged patina, create depth in the design, and bring out the handwriting. Finally, we polish it by hand resulting in a rich satin sheen.

The organic nature that lost wax casting can produce is what we are after; evidence that our pieces originate in our heads and hearts, and have been made by our own hands. Our aim is to avoid the sterile, machine made look, and instead infuse warmth and genuineness into our creations.

For examples of how we can make customizations to our handwriting pieces to accomodate your handwriting, click here.

~ charm is 3/4" long X 5/8" wide
~ fits one word, up to 8 letters
~ locket, chain, and clasp are solid sterling silver or 14k gold
~ we proudly use eco friendly reclaimed metals
~ rough diamond bead is ethically sourced

Email Your Handwriting
Simply take a picture of the handwriting you'd like to use. Then email it to us, along with your order number, to hello@kristinlarson.com. Need help? Click here.

Work In Progress Cards Available
Planning on giving this as a gift? Because it is made-to-order, please see the production times below. If it won't be completed in time, we'll send the recipient a card letting them know they have a special, one-of-a kind keepsake coming their way. 

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