Authentic Love Handwriting Ring

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Authentic Love Handwriting Ring


Personalized Handwriting Ring

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Authentic Love Handwriting Ring
shown in sterling silver

also available in 14k gold, contact us for a quote

Create An Heirloom
Personalize your necklace with almost any word of your choosing; a remembrance, a celebration, an inspirational word, an inside joke, a name, a sentiment. Create an heirloom by preserving the handwriting of one you love. 

"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." ~Henry David Thoreau

Comes with Meaning Card, Small Polishing Cloth, and Flannel Anti Tarnish Pouch

Handmade With Love
We painstakingly redraw the handwriting to create a crisp reproduction of your message in wax. Then we carefully shape the wax by hand so it feels like a comfort piece. After casting the waxes in sterling silver and 14k gold, there is much work to do. With each step, I often wonder about what the story of the piece I’m working on holds for the author of the message and the wearer of the piece. I wonder about the journey their hearts took along the way. The beauty and the mess of it. The ease and the hard work that moved it forward. The heartache and the joy and sheer bliss. The gift of being truly seen and loved through it all. I put the final polish on each piece with a wish that its new owner knows and remembers love above all else.

We make the handwriting ring in wax, then cast it in sterling silver or 14k gold in our studio. Oxidized to bring out the handwriting.

1 5/8" long by 3/16" to 1/4" inch wide
dimensions adjusted to fit your handwriting
recycled sterling silver or 14k gold
handmade to order in Washington

Email Your Handwriting
Take a picture of the handwriting. Email the picture and your order number to

Lead Time
Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship. If your order is time sensitive, contact us to ensure it is made and shipped on time. 

Work In Progress Cards Available
Giving this as a gift? Because this is a custom, hand made to order piece, it takes time to make. If your gift won't be completed in time, we're happy to send the recipient a card letting them know they have a special, one-of-a kind keepsake coming their way. 

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