bespoke handwriting jewelry

The handwriting of one you love, preserved in sterling silver and 14k gold

Create an heirloom by preserving the handwriting of one you hold dear. Create a treasured gift with your own words. Personalize your jewelry with a remembrance, a celebration, an inspirational word, an inside joke, a name, or a sentiment.

A person's handwriting is a unique expression of who they are; like the sound of their laugh, the lines that appear at the corner of their eyes when they smile, or the way they brush their hair off their face. Catching a glimpse of the sweet sentiment written in the handwriting of one you love as you go about your day brings joy and comfort. 

The pieces of the In My Hand collection are a heartfelt way to hold someone close. Your jewelry will be a uniquely personalized memento of deep love and connection. Each piece is crafted to be worn for a lifetime, loved, and passed down.

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In the spring of 2011 my dad passed away unexpectedly. We were devastated at the loss. I wanted to make my sister something special to remember him and keep him close. For more than a year I sketched idea after idea, but nothing felt right.

When I finally mustered the strength to sort through his things, I found a note he had written. It was a list of the positive things in his life scribbled on the back of an envelope. One of the lines read, "You will always have the love of your children." My heart burst! What I had been looking for, found me. 

I made my sister a simple ring with the word "love" etched in our dad's handwriting. Without telling her, I sent it off. When she opened the box she was overcome with emotion when she recognized his handwriting. She wears her ring everyday. At her insistence, I began offering handwriting jewelry in the Spring of 2013.

Today that very first handwriting ring has turned into a collection of carefully handmade heirloom pieces including necklaces, lockets, bracelets, rings, cuff links, and key chains. These can be personalized with a name, an inspirational word, a remembrance, a celebration, an inside joke, a sentiment, preserved in the hand of the one you cherish.

My feelings run deep for this collection as well as for the people who have shared a part of themselves and their stories about those they have honored through these pieces. Whether you are buying a piece to remember someone you hold dear, celebrate a new life, or reminisce about a special moment, I know how important your jewelry is to you. Each piece is made by hand in our studio with tender loving care, and sent off to you with a full and happy heart.