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Personalized Handwriting Jewelry

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Uniquely personalized jewelry featuring the handwriting of one you love. A person's handwriting is a distinctive expression of who they are; like the sound of their laugh, the lines that appear at the corner of their eyes when they smile, or the way they brush their hair from their face.

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Each piece tells a unique and personal story about you, or someone you love. Place your order, then email us a photo of the handwriting you’d like to preserve on the piece you chose.

If you need guidance, we are here to help. We’re happy to work with you to design a cherished remembrance that embodies your story.

Each piece is made to be worn for a lifetime, loved, and passed down.


In the spring of 2011 my dad passed away unexpectedly. We were devastated. I wanted to make my sister something special to keep him close. For more than a year I sketched idea after idea, but nothing felt right.

When I finally mustered the strength to sort through his things, I found a note he had written. It was a list of the positive things in his life scribbled on the back of an envelope. One of the lines read, "You will always have the love of your children." My heart burst! What I had been looking for, found me.

I made my sister a ring with the word "love" inscribed in our dad's handwriting. Without telling her, I sent it off. She was overcome with emotion when she opened the box and recognized his handwriting. At her insistence, I began offering handwriting jewelry in the spring of 2013.

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We painstakingly redraw your handwriting to create a crisp reproduction of your message in wax. Then we carefully shape the wax by hand so it feels like a comfort piece. After casting the waxes in sterling silver and 14k gold, there is much work to do.

With each step, I often wonder about what the story of the piece I’m working on holds for the author of the message and the wearer of the piece. I wonder about the journey their hearts took along the way. The beauty and the mess of it. The ease and the hard work that moved it forward. The heartache and the joy and sheer bliss. The gift of being truly seen and loved through it all.

I put the final polish on each piece with a wish that its new owner knows and remembers love above all else.