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meaningful jewelry worn with purpose

Mission & Inspiration

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Our Mission

To handcraft meaningful jewelry that serves as reminders to reconnect to yourself.
So you can spread love. And inspire others to do the same.

Our Inspiration

"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,
the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects."

~ The Dalai Lama

We design our collections to remind you that what you're seeking is within. Rich with meaning, our jewelry empowers you to connect, love deeply, and spark wholeheartedness by bravely illuminating your own light brightly.

Finding a note my dad wrote before he passed, moved me to look at my own life, and what I was putting into the world. Conversations we were bold enough to have in the unknown last weeks of his life, came flooding back to me. His words conjured up my own thoughts of what we mean to each other. How we find our place in the world. And the importance of realizing our worthiness.

What emerged was jewelry imbued with symbolism gathered from plants and flowers, and handwritten messages of love and encouragement informed by sentimental jewelry of a bygone era.

We hope you find solace and inspiration in our creations. There is no one like you. The world needs that extraordinary spark you hold.

With Love,