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Tell Me a Story

...In making jewelry with a person's handwriting, it is my intention that it will evoke the same response in you. Adorning each piece with your loved one's handwriting makes your jewelry autobiographical rather than presentational. The handwriting draws the wearer and admirer in, and begs of us to tell the story. 

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The Maiden's Voyage

A tiny boat is forged by hand from a thick sheet of sterling silver, a sturdy base from which to build a home. The outside of the vessel has been carefully buffed and polished, softly reflecting the love and beauty to be seen in the world. The inside is hammered, resembling hand hewn wood, an interior space carved out and shaped to safely carry its precious cargo. Nestled securely within the vessel is a solitaire rough diamond bead. A single stone, a passenger in its essence embarking on her own path. Above, two rings stand side by side symbolizing togetherness because one is never alone on her journey. From this togetherness a sterling silver wire curves down like outstretched arms, towards the lovingly prepared boat and its brilliant passenger, guiding her on her sweet voyage. High above on the chain hangs a small labradorite gemstone. As she looks back or gazes ahead, the iridescent play of colors serve as a guide beckoning her to sit in the bloom of the present moment.

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