"Enjoy Life" Personalized Handwriting Necklace


Sara asked us to create a necklace preserving her dad's handwriting from a recipe he wrote that was very special to her and her three sisters. Her dad loved to cook, and he wrote a cookbook for them. He signed every recipe, "Enjoy, Enjoy." The necklace would hold a deeply meaningful personal memory.

She sent me the recipe to work from. After emailing back and forth, we came up with a few more details to represent her story. She wondered if I could come up with a charm to convey cooking. I carved a tiny spoon in wax, and cast it in sterling silver to be used as a link in the chain. A small but substantial detail. Then she asked if the handwriting charm could be double sided to include the Hebrew sign for life on the back to represent her family heritage. She wanted the message about enjoying life to be cast in 14k gold and held in a sterling silver frame.

I sent her the finished necklace with great anticipation. When Sara received the package, she so kindly messaged me to let me know she was about to open it. Then she typed, "Oh my goodness! It’s my dad! I can see him when I look at it!!!!" followed by a bunch of hearts. We both cried.

Thank you Sara for inviting us into your story. We feel as though we shared an extraordinary meal with you. Working with you to create this special piece was a true delight. We are especially grateful for a joyful reminder that it is the everyday moments that leave such profound and lasting impressions on our hearts.

If you have an idea swirling around in your head about a personalized handwriting piece that would tell your story, we’d love to work with you. We love creating jewelry that brings you to blissful moments, outrageous laughter, warm memories, connection, love, and belonging.