Ancestor Stones

personalized handwriting objects

We are always delighted when customers come back and ask us to help make a significant occasion in their lives even more momentous. It’s like seeing an old friend.

Jeri reached out to us again because her birth family found her. She’d been talking and texting numerous aunts, uncle, and cousins. Some of her cousins already felt like sisters. And they where planning to meet.

A few years ago she asked us to make handwriting necklaces for her wife and sister in law with their father’s handwritten message. They love them and wear them all the time. Now she wondered if we could make some kind of coin or token to gift her birth family when they met. A small offering for finding her.

All she had from her birth mom was her signature from her pre-adoption paperwork. She had passed away many years ago. It only took a couple emails for us to come up with these “ancestor stones”. It felt like the perfect symbol. It’s been said that rocks are the oldest story tellers.

When they all came together, she gifted them a sterling silver stone with her birth mother’s signature on one side, and her handwritten message preserved on the other. She was kind enough to get in touch again and tell us how they all loved them. Each person cried as she met with them individually, and gave them a stone.

We feel humbled and honored to play a part of what Jeri calls her soul searching journey. I’m in awe of the courage, trust, and love that reunited this part of her family. How she met them with such an open heart is moving. Thank you Jeri, for sharing a part of yourself with us, and allowing us to share your story with our little piece of the world.

Your story emboldens us to be more wholehearted in our own lives.

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Ancestor Stones, personalized handwriting remembrances created with your own handwriting or the handwriting of one you cherish.

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