What is the Story You Tell Yourself?

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What is the story you tell yourself? Often, the predominant story we tell ourselves isn’t even a story we wrote. It’s a story that was passed down to us, that’s been put upon us. It’s easy to settle into these stories that so strongly shape our perception of ourselves and guide our lives.

Have you rewritten your story? Broken patterns? Shed those limiting beliefs that weren't really yours to begin with? Let those parts of your story that don't serve you, fade away? Most importantly, can you see yourself with unconditional love, tenderness, and grace so you can cultivate the best version of you?

That's the story the world is listening for. Go on and tell it.

Our Where Love Grows Link Bracelet is made with little fields of blooming flowers and full hearts.

A symbol of growth, love, and open-heartedness.

Kristin LarsonComment