Handwriting Jewelry

Bespoke Handwriting Jewelry Handcrafted Just for You

We are passionate about working with you to handcraft what will become a precious remembrance dedicated to those you cherish. Create an heirloom by preserving the handwriting of one you hold dear. Create a treasured gift with your own words. Personalize your jewelry with a celebration, an inspirational word, an inside joke, a name, or a sentiment.

Take a look at what the handwriting pieces we've made for others means to them, then let us know how we can help you. We're really glad you here.


"Yesterday I received my ring from Kristin and a piece of my soul was healed. The words thank you do not seem adequate. You will always hold a special place in my heart. You are not just a jewelry maker and artist...you are a healer. ." ~ Mallory, Handwriting Ring

"I was looking for a very special piece of jewellery to commemorate a recent loss in the family and was fortunate to find Kristin. I had a basic idea of what I wanted and Kristin very patiently took that idea and came up with a beautiful design for a necklace. Kristin obviously takes great pride in her work and the craftsmanship is amazing. This is built to last a lifetime and is a unique piece that holds a great deal of meaning. It was charmingly packaged with a personal note from Kristin, all so much appreciated. I cannot thank Kristin enough for her kindness, excellent customer service and attention to detail. I hope to be back in the near future."  ~ Diane, Handwriting Locket

"Once again Kristin has created a beautiful piece of art! A true heirloom piece I am sure will be in the family for generations. Thank you Kristin for going above and beyond with this piece. " ~ Tricia, Birth Month Flower Handwriting Bracelet

" I would like to thank you up and down for the amazing job and care that went into this necklace... You have made me a customer for life! I can't wait to order something for myself!" ~ April, Authentic Love Multi Charm Handwriting Necklace

"I was so moved (by) the dedication you put into something so special to me. I cannot fully describe to you the feeling when I opened it up. I know that I've seen your handwriting samples and then what they've turned into. But it isn't until you fully see the moment your beloved mother's handwriting on such a stunning piece of jewelry that you know how much it means to you... I am eternally grateful for the work you've done... I just had to tell you how thankful I was and how unbelievably precious this piece of jewelry is to me." ~Mallory, Authentic Love Necklace with Custom Charm