genuinly handmade

We use time honored metalsmithing techniques to make our jewelry. Kristin carves her original designs by hand in wax. Then we cast them in our family run studio in Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, OR. 

The subtle imperfections and organic nature that lost wax casting can produce are what we are after. These makers marks are evidence that our pieces originate in our head and hearts, and have been made by our own hands. Our aim is to avoid the sterile machine made look by infusing warmth and genuineness into our creations.


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heirloom quality jewerly

We believe in crafting heirloom quality jewelry. Our jewelry is solidly constructed, and if it ever were to break, it can be repaired by us or your local jeweler. We use jewelry quality metals, and all connections are soldered permanently closed preventing the connections from coming apart with regular wear.  Heirloom quality jewelry can be seen as environmentally friendly because it is made to last.

Our jewelry's durability, function, and timeless design make it worthy of passing down through generations. Jewelry becomes an heirloom because of its value, quality, beauty, and the story behind the piece.

shop Practices

We are committed to practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We look at how and where the materials we use are made or sourced, and how far they need to travel. Our jewelry is made with reclaimed/recycled, sterling silver, gold, and bronze, ethically sourced in the USA. In addition, we recycle all of our scrap metal. Our diamonds and gemstones are conflict free. Our focus is on making quality jewelry that will be yours to treasure for years to come. 

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