Passage Bracelet, silver

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Passage Bracelet Scale Shot.jpeg
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Passage Bracelet, silver


A thoughtful remembracne about staying true to ourselves

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Passage Bracelet
sterling silver
also available in bronze or 14k gold

Symbolism and Meaning
The thougtfully carved boat is a reminder to stay true to ourselves. We will encounter choppy waters, tempestuous storms, as well as beautifully calm and tranquil seas. No matter what the conditions, we must not let distractions of self doubt and fear take us off course. When we put our focus on staying connected to our true self, the essence of who we are; we can keep our hearts aligned and glide through each passage with a bit of grace. We can stay the course of becoming who we are meant to be.

Poem Card Included in the Box

May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you guide your way on.
— Mike Heron

Genuinely Handmade
The original design started as a block of wax. I carved the boat by hand, then we cast them in sterling silver, bronze, and 14k gold in our studio using the lost wax casting method. The boat is suspended from a sterling silver chain. I give the bracelet a dark patina to create depth in the design. Finally, I polish it by hand resulting in a rich satin sheen.

The organic nature that lost wax casting can produce is what we are after; evidence that our pieces originate in our heads and hearts, and have been made by our own hands. Our aim is to avoid the sterile, machine made look, and instead infuse warmth and genuineness into our jewelry.

The boat was carved to act as a comfort piece. It is soothing to the touch. Comfortable to wear, the little boat moves with you as you move allowing you to enjoy not only the side view of the boat, but also the interior view.

~ pendant is approximatley 1" x 3/8" 
~ sterling silver, bronze, and 14k pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain
~ we proudly use eco friendly reclaimed metals

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